Contemporary art

I am Oscar HR multidisciplinary artist and producer. I move around the contemporary art scene and I am most interested in public and social art, performance, experimental music but also marketing and social network.

  Video & Film

Since 2012 I am specialized in video art, documentation of performances and short films. The topics for my videos are either autobiographical or based on other artists work, as a collaboration.


There´s just one way to mastering the discipline of video and is through photography. Before making the video my main tool I did several works based on still photography like my series "Playing with dreams".


Although video represents a major part of my artwork, I started drawing and doing installations like my early work "Ephemeral Architecture". Nowadays I rather show my videos as video installations like in "Selfie360_Seasons".



Multidisciplinary & Transdisciplinary Art

Starting as a young musician playing guitar in Spain, I have been always pushing my boundaries and trespassing through many different creative disciplines and knowledge fields to reach a very unique and complex creative process.

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Ephemeral Architecture

Through a network of panels, boxes, containers, and waste discarded by the other citizens, but selected and rescued for us to provide them a new meaning, I perform an exercise of model making, gardening, and landscaping. An abstraction of the particular urban landscape existing in the Canary Islands, also articulated by drawing through the use of light and shadows.

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Playing with dreams

The camera and some Hotwheels in my backpack, always ready. Just when the proper car matches the location and the weather conditions it is possible to create the illusion of an existing story behind the picture. Just like in the movies or the advertisements. The story of an adventure, the journey to a dream.

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The project started on my YouTube channel as a Sketchbook for my videos. The aim was to share my pictures with friends and family, but including the whole landscape surrounding me on every selfie, which develops on a series called #SELFIE360. 

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I produce short films, video art, and music videos. I also document the work of other artists.

I work as HR Productions for private and smaller projects. But for larger projects with the focus on social and public art, community projects and for art institutions I do it as a collective with Whiteflag Productions.



My YouTube channel is my sketchbook for videos and experimentation. Consider it as visiting my studio regularly, so don't forget to check it out and subscribe.


This is the platform on which you will find the short films and film documentaries from the collective Whiteflag Productions.


Easy and fast communication. If you are a Facebook user you can like my facebook site to get updated on current projects, contact me or leave me a comment.


VeeR is the new platform for 360° Video producers. Here you will find behind the scenes videos in 360° from my projects and experimental films using Virtual Reality technology.


Instagram is my favorite platform after YouTube. I like to keep it spontaneous and test more photographic stuff. Just with my smartphone.




Upcoming projects and events

3. Berliner Herbstsalon
nov 2017

At the 3. Berliner Herbstsalon (Third Berlin Autumn Salon) I will be showing 3 documentaries of #MonumentDresden from Manaf Halbouni's installation "Monument". The material was taken on the 2nd of February 2017 in front of the Frauenkirche in Dresden, where the German-Syrian artist installed a 3 buses barricade. The work was based on a picture taken in Aleppo in 2015 and published by The Guardian. I will be also displaying for the first time some exclusive material and interviews. In addition, I will document the installation of "Monument" at the Platz des 18. März (18th of March Square) in Berlin. If you are in Berlin during the dates 11–26/November/2017 I highly recommend visiting the exhibition at the Maxim Gorki Theater and come to the opening of #MonumentBerlin on the 11th of November 2017 at 16:30h.

[ Watch the Videos here ]
VORA | Music video release
dec 2017

I will be releasing on my YouTube channel the music video from the artist VORA, recorded on the 11 & 18 February 2017.

10 Ways of holding hands
jan 2018

I will be in Chemnitz working together with the artist Heidi Morgenstern in a video performance called "10 ways of holding hands".

  Contact me

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in my work or just want to send me some feedback or support. Thanks.

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